The family of beloved teacher Colleen Ritzer is excited to debut Love, Colleen, a documentary produced by one of her former students.

George Washington University graduate Sarah Roach, a former student of Colleen’s, produced the 20-minute documentary. Colleen taught Roach’s first-year geometry class. Roach invested countless hours during the pandemic that coincided with her senior year of college interviewing friends, family, students, and Colleen’s teaching colleagues. 

“I am humbled to share Love, Colleen, a documentary about the life and legacy of Colleen Ritzer,” said Roach. “The film is told through the lens of people who knew Colleen best. I did not know how someone could have so much excitement for life and such an eagerness to make others smile. I did not understand why someone like Colleen could be taken so soon.”

Colleen left an indelible impact on Roach, inspiring her senior project, Love, Colleen.

“Colleen is the reason I actually enjoyed math for a couple of months, be it because she left stickers on my quizzes or because she said ‘yay!’ at the beginning of each lesson,” added Roach. “I am endlessly grateful for the people who shared their stories of Colleen, especially the Ritzer family, who this documentary would not have been possible without.”

“Acts of kindness do not need to be extraordinary,” shared Roach. “They can be as small as holding the door open for someone else, or as simple as sitting and listening to a friend. Colleen’s kindness was simple, which made her extraordinary.”

We invite you to view the documentary below and share with your friends and family! 

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