Colleen's Legacy

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The Colleen E. Ritzer Memorial Fund fosters a society of compassion with kindness as a motivating influence in all its endeavors. Renowned for her kindness, zeal for life, teaching, and love of family, the organization emulates Colleen’s compassion through scholarships, grants and other programs with kindness and education at their core. 


Spreading Kindness

Supporting Aspiring Teachers

Our Inspiration:
Colleen Elizabeth Ritzer

Colleen Ritzer dedicated her life to two passions: family and teaching.  Her story is one that has inspired many. Colleen discovered her passions very early in life and made it her mission to pursue that dream.

Colleen's Life

Colleen's Life

Colleen dedicated her life to two passions: family and teaching. Her story is one that has inspired many and we invite you to learn more.
Colleen's Legacy

Colleen's Legacy

The difference Colleen made in such a brief period as a teacher was evident by the outpouring of kind and heartfelt testimonials following her passing.
Colleen's Impact

Colleen's Impact

In 24 years, Colleen selflessly shared herself to better those around her. Those who knew her and those that learned about her many gifts and love of life, continue to be inspired by her love and compassion.

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