Inspire Kindness!

Colleen was known not only for her love of math and teaching, but her kind and caring heart and warm smile. She loved bringing joy to others. Her positive attitude helped others find the good in every day. We are looking for students who emulate her kindness and compassion by making a difference in the lives of others. Students who embody the words “humble and kind”. Students who through their own charitable and kind heart, have found a passion that drives them to help others whether it be through their own creative idea or their involvement in the community or charitable organizations. 

When we think of Colleen, we think of many things including; humble, kind, self-starter, warm, caring heart, warm smile, genuine, good friend, considerate, friendly, puts others first, thoughtful and many more similar characteristics. A candidate for the Inspire Kindness Scholarship should share many of these qualities.

Andover and Danvers High School guidance counselors are asked to nominate deserving students who embody Colleen’s characteristics of kindness. Applications are due April 10th.

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2020 Inspire Kindness Scholarship Recipients
Chloe Callahan


Hannah Finn


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