Ritzer Family Statement on Today’s Arraignment

CR Sticker Opt 2(ANDOVER, Massachusetts)-Following today’s arraignment in Suffolk Juvenile Court, the family of Colleen E. Ritzer offered the following statement:

“Our thoughts are with the victim of this most recent attack, her family and loved ones.

We find it unconscionable that a juvenile charged with such a heinous crime is afforded the freedom to roam the facility in which he was incarcerated, a luxury that enabled him to attack another young woman. This attack was preceded by clear warnings from prosecutors that he is a very dangerous individual.

Any individual who repeatedly commits such violent acts should be confined in a way that those around him are not put at risk.  Victims and their families should, at the very least, be comforted by some degree of security knowing that such individuals are securely locked in a cell and closely monitored.

This case reinforces our belief, as a matter of public safety, that ‘juvenile offenders’ who commit such heinous crimes must be imprisoned for life with no opportunity for parole.”