Ritzer Family Statement on #Kindness4Colleen

CR Sticker Opt 2(ANDOVER, Massachusetts)-Tom, Peggie, Dan and Laura Ritzer today issued the following statement in response to the #Kindness4Colleen effort that encourages all do to something “good” today in honor of Colleen Ritzer.

“Our family is overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of good performed today in support of the #Kindness4Colleen effort. Since 2013, and going forward, October 22 will always be a day of great sadness and pain, however we, and Colleen’s extended family and friends, are strengthened by the many good deeds that are done today in her name. We are proud that Colleen continues to inspire others to simply be good to people,” said the Ritzer Family.

“As a family, we thank the many individuals and organizations that have taken a moment out of their busy day to remember Colleen and do something good in support of #Kindness4Colleen. We would also like to thank Colleen’s close friend, Jennifer, for initiating this beautiful tribute.”

Jennifer created the #Kindness4Colleen effort to honor her friend, Colleen, and to build upon her strong legacy as a compassionate and caring teacher, friend, daughter and sister. Individuals are encouraged to perform simple acts of kindness (holding a door for a stranger, buying someone a cup of coffee, sharing a compliment), then share on social media using #Kindness4Colleen.

Additional information may be found on the Colleen E. Ritzer Memorial Scholarship website. Click here to follow the campaign online.