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On to the Classroom: Samantha Walters

Danvers, MA

Salem State University

High School:
Danvers High School


Minor: Secondary Education

Post-Grad Plans:
Samantha is currently enrolled in the 4+1 program at Salem State University, which she will receive a Master’s degree in education upon her completion. Through the program, she is working at Revere High School in Revere, Massachusetts as a paraprofessional. As a paraprofessional, Sarah will be an aide for a freshman special education math class, while also student teaching in freshman algebra classes.

Colleen’s Impact:
“Colleen stood out to me as a teacher – especially a math teacher. Her love of math was inspiring, and her class was unlike others that I’d had. I already loved math, but I knew it wasn’t everybody’s favorite. I think for many students, she made math a class to look forward to rather than previously dreading it. Additionally, her class wasn’t just about coming in to learn formulas or content. She was great at forming relationships and getting to know her students. She was professional but personable. She didn’t just teach math; she and her lasting impact have taught others how to be kind and how to keep a positive attitude. It was very clear that she loved what she was doing. I chose this profession because I want to make students feel the same way she did – about math and about being a good person.”

Note to Donors:
“I would not be in this position without your immense support and generosity, and I will always be grateful for the many ways this scholarship has made an effect on my life.”

Advice to Students Considering a Career in Education:
“My advice to anyone considering a career in education is to go for it and don’t be afraid to try! It can be overwhelming and scary at first, but at the end of the day, it feels rewarding to know that you helped even one student in each class. Think about the reasons why you want to enter the profession and always keep these thoughts in the back of your mind. Also, think of a teacher that made a lasting impact on you, and strive to be that person for someone else.”