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On to the Classroom: Jessica Ferronetti

Andover, MA

Assumption College

High School:
Andover High School

Spanish, Middle and Secondary Education


Magna Cum Laude

Post-Grad Plans:
Jessica is currently teaching Spanish 1A and 2C at North Andover High School as a long-term substitute until December. In March 2019, she will travel to Argentina where she will teach English at the university level until November 2019.

Additional Information:
While at Assumption College, Jessica was enrolled in the Honors Program, where she had the opportunity to write an overarching thesis that included her study and research over four years. Her thesis was written in Spanish and was titled: Un estudio de la ética y los métodos de traducción, con una traducción de Instrucciones para salvar el mundo por Rosa Montero.

During the summer following her junior year, Jessica traveled to Argentina where she taught Spanish Literature and English at a primary and secondary school. Learn more about Jessica’s time in Argentina.

Jessica also received a Fulbright Grant for the English Teaching Assistant Program. Through the program, she will be teaching English in schools in Argentina, while also serving as a cultural ambassador for the United States. Learn more from Assumption College. 

Colleen’s Impact:
“Colleen’s quote reminded me that even on the bad days, there is something good in every day. As I start my teaching career, I am keeping that in mind and showing my students to find the good in every day and to be good to each other. Being kind to each other is such an important thing to have in a classroom, especially in a Spanish classroom where students take risks by trying a new language. I am a better teacher by listening to Colleen’s words.”

Note to Donors:
“Thank you for supporting the scholarship! It has helped me to realize my dream of becoming a high school teacher.”

Advice to Students Considering a Career in Education:
“Take some time to go observe in a classroom – at your elementary school, middle school, or high school – to find what level is best for you. I did this and I found that even though I loved the idea of elementary school, there was no way I would be a successful elementary school teacher. I found my place as a high school teacher. And don’t be afraid to go to your professors or your supervising practitioner for help – you’ll learn so much by talking to them and they’ll help you to be a better student and a better teacher. Finally, all the work is worth it when you suddenly see a group of students understand the material they have been struggling with.”