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On to the Classroom: Elizabeth Dever

Andover, MA

University of Connecticut

High School:
Andover High School

Elementary Education


Post-Grad Plans:
Elizabeth will be attending the Teacher Education Fellowship Program at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA where she will get her Master’s degree in special education: moderate disabilities. Through the 12 month program, she will be working full time at Summer Street Elementary School in Lynnfield teaching second grade, while taking classes at night.

Additional Information:
Elizabeth had the opportunity to spend four weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, where she taught extremely underprivileged students. It was a life changing experience for her that taught her lessons of empathy, compassion and patience, which she continues to carry into her teaching experiences. Learn more about Elizabeth’s time in South Africa.

Colleen’s Impact:
“I have carried on Colleen’s legacy throughout my college career, but it will be a whole other responsibility to carry on her legacy in my future classroom. It is a challenge I am excited to take on in the next few years.”

Note to Donors:
“Thank you so much for supporting me through my undergrad degree, it has been quite the journey that has flown by.”

Advice to Students Considering a Career in Education:
To anyone considering a career in education: although the days may be tough and take a lot of hard work and dedication, every second is worth it. Receiving a “thank you” or a hug at the end of each school day makes you realize how great of an impact you can make on young minds.”