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On to the Classroom: Christine Aumais

Andover, MA

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

High School:
Andover High School

Public Health

Education, Psychology

Developmental Disabilities and Human Services

Post-Grad Plans:
Christine is currently applying for graduate school, where she would like to pursue a degree in school counseling. She is also excited to find a position in which she can combine everything she’s learned in school, such as organizations that provide training to individuals in the healthcare field regarding the best approach to working with patients that have developmental or intellectual disabilities.

Colleen’s Impact: 
“In entering a new and transitional time, Colleen’s legacy has been particularly important in guiding me in the right direction. At times it can be stressful to not have the long-term plans that I am so used to and accustomed to, and the message of seeing the good in every day has helped relieve so much of that stress. Through application processes and studying for pre-requisite exams, I am often reminding myself that the ability and opportunity to do this is a gift, and I have prepared myself to be successful in these endeavors. It has helped me shift my nerves and uncertainty for what the future holds, to the excitement of the possibilities.”

Note to Donors:
“During my time at UMass, my love for learning grew exponentially as I could study and explore the topics that I was most interested and passionate about. Even more so, it was made so much more special by knowing that there were so many people supporting me and encouraging me. I hope that I someday inspire such love of learning in my own students, and have the opportunity to be a part of the community that encourages, supports and uplifts them the way that you all have for me.”

Advice to Students Considering a Career in Education:
“My advice to students considering a career in education is to just give it a try. Taking a course or two in an education department can give you an idea of whether or not it is something you want to pursue, or the specific area in education that you may be interested in. If you take a class in education, even if you decide that it’s not something you want to continue with, you still will have gained knowledge and perspective that you did not have prior, so there is no harm in just trying it out! Personally, I felt that along with affirming that I want to pursue a career in education, these courses also helped me in communicating with my own teachers and even peers more effectively. I was able to include things I learned in my education classes in how I delivered presentations in other, entirely unrelated classes. Also, after taking a course called “Educational Psychology” I realized that although I think I would love teaching, my demeanor and skills are better suited to that of a school counselor, and it is where I think I could make the greatest impact on students.”