2017 Colleen Ritzer Scholarship Recipients Complete First Semester in Their Teaching Journey

The most recent Colleen E. Ritzer Memorial Scholarship recipients are adjusting to college life and reaffirming why they chose education as their career path. From education classes to community service efforts, these recipients are well on their journey to teaching in their own classroom.

Andover High School Colleen Ritzer Scholarship RecipientsAt Westfield State University, Grayson Beherrell has learned to be more independent and organized during her first semester, while enjoying classes such as the Foundation of Number Systems. Through this class, Beherell was exposed to various teaching methods that she can use in her own classroom.

To the supporters of the scholarship fund, Beherrell shared her gratitude.

“I would just like to thank everyone who supports the scholarship fund because without them I wouldn’t be able to focus on my schoolwork and be as determined as I am to succeed,” Beherrell shared.

Caileigh Reming, a freshman at the University of New Hampshire, has made the adjustment from high school to college with improved time management skills. Through the classes she has taken, Reming strongly believes she made the correct decision and is looking forward to gaining more knowledge and applying it in the classroom with future students.

“Learning and working/helping kids is something I will always want to do,” Reming said. “Now being in college and learning all about it, I know I made the right decision and I look forward to continuing my journey through learning more about children and becoming a teacher.”

Since arriving at Assumption College, Samantha Shea has learned the importance of self-advocacy and has greatly enjoyed her Child Development class. This class has allowed Shea the opportunity to learn more regarding the stages of child development. Shea’s love of children and making a difference in the world continues to influence her desire to pursue a teaching career.

Shea shared her appreciation for the scholarship fund’s donors and supporters.

“Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the recipients of the scholarship,” Shea explained. “I feel honored to be representing Colleen’s memory at her alma mater.”

Michaela Verrette has recently completed her first semester at Plymouth State University, where she discovered teaching is the perfect career choice for her. In addition to engaging in her classes, Verrette recently spent time observing at her own elementary school, which allowed her to see various teaching techniques and styles.

Verrette also spoke to the impact the scholarship fund has had on her education.

“Not only has it helped financially but actually receiving this scholarship reassured me that I am doing the right thing and am on the right path,” Verrette shared. “This scholarship has made me want to work harder and be the best that I can be in my career.”

2017 Colleen E. Ritzer Memorial Scholarship recipients from DanversKylie McDonough, a freshman at Emmanuel College, has strengthened her passion for teaching during her first semester through her first education class. McDonough’s education service learning class volunteered at the Sister Mary Hart Children’s Program in Roxbury, Massachusetts, where she spent time helping students with homework during an after-school program.

Next year, McDonough hopes to declare a major in Elementary Education and will begin the additional licensure program for teaching students with moderate disabilities.

At Salem State University, Kristen McNichol has been enjoying her education classes. She is looking forward to using the skills she’s learned in her own classroom someday with her students. McNichol has also been volunteering at the Salem Boys and Girls Club where she formed bonds with children, assisted with homework and discovered more about what it’s like to work with children.

McNichol discussed the impact of the scholarship fund and its donors on her education.

“I am beyond grateful to have been granted the honor of receiving this scholarship,” McNichol said. “It has helped me financially in getting the education that I need in order to pursue my career as a teacher, and it has given me motivation to do my best work while working to carry on Colleen’s legacy.”

Kaitlyn Sullivan, studying at Endicott College, is excited to have begun the process of receiving a degree in education. Her Introduction to Education class has encouraged and inspired her to think about how she will inspire and impact her students. Sullivan looks forward making a difference in the life of her students.

“I think that being an educator is one of the greatest things in the world because you are inspiring so many young minds to love learning and to get excited about going to school,” Sullivan explained. “I think that a teacher will leave one of the biggest impacts on a student because you are a role model to them.”

This winter, Sullivan will be participating in a  three-week internship at Fox Hill School in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Sullivan shared her appreciation of the supporters of the scholarship fund.

“To the supporters of the scholarship fund, you are truly amazing. Thank you for giving so many future educators, including myself, this unbelievable scholarship,” Sullivan said. “You are able to keep Colleen Ritzer’s memory alive and give so many great young minds the chance to change the world. You have impacted so many lives, including mine. I know that teaching is something that I want to pursue and I can’t picture myself doing anything else besides becoming an educator.”